January 2015 Driver Pay Package Increase

We are EXCITED to announce 4 changes to our Driver Pay Package starting in January 2015. These 4 changes to your compensation will mean more money in your pocket.

#1 – We are increasing the base rate of our pay by $.03/mile for everyone!

#2  - We are extending our seniority pay from up to 5 years to up to 10 years for fulltime drivers.  You will receive $.01 per mile for every year you have been here up to 10 years of service now.  Once you have been here 10 years, you will earn $.55/mile!

These changes mean all drivers will receive at least a $.03/mile raise! Fulltime drivers with 6 years of service will receive a $.04/mile raise, 7 years = $.05/mile raise, 8 years = $.06/mile raise, 9 years = $.07/mile raise, & 10 years or more = $.08/mile raise!

#3 – We are increasing our layover pay!  We will now pay $100 for the first 24 hours of layover and will pay $50 for every 6 hours thereafter. This is a 100% increase for the first 24 hours & 33% increase on time thereafter. In addition, detention will now cap at $100 for the first 24 hours instead of capping at $50.

#4 – We will now pay the safety bonus every quarter instead of every 6 months beginning with the 1st quarter of 2015. More details will follow on the safety bonus program in the upcoming days. 

Visit our "Pay" page with the latest information here.